Econo Air Cleaner Inspection Combo


An Effective Air Cleaner Option For Lower Volume Packing Operations

  • All stainless steel construction
  • Gentle on fruit while effectively removing leaves, dirt, and debris
  • Spreads fruit evenly across the entire width of the machine, making the air-cleaning process highly effective while also offering inspection personnel a clear view of the product without spreading berries out by hand
  • Extremely easy to clean

The Econo Air Cleaner Inspection Conveyor Combo unit allows smaller growers (or those on a smaller budget) the option to own a highly effective, and affordable piece of Lakewood Process Machinery berry packing equipment. 

Fruit is gently dumped into the infeed hopper which spreads the product evenly across the width of the infeed conveyor. As the fruit reaches the air-leg, dirt, debris, and leaves are forced away from the main flow of the product as the cleaned fruit lands gently onto the inspection conveyor section of the machine where the product is manually inspected. 

The combination of Lakewood’s reputable air cleaner, and our durable, stainless steel inspection conveyor is a great option for someone running a relatively low volume of fruit, who also needs an effective, and efficient berry cleaning machine. 


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