Strawberry Washing System

Lakewood’s Reverse Flow Strawberry Wash Tank and Brush Washer

Strawberry lit2-1

As the product is delivered into the infeed conveyor, it is conveyed through the water tank via the specially designed variable speed belting. The belting keeps the product under water while it passed through a high volume air jet stream similar to the jetting of a hot tub. Debris is agitated off of the strawberry and is lifted to the surface by the air bubbles.

As the product begins to exit the wash tank onto the brush rollers, the top water flow is reversed from the product flow with the use of water pressure and the debris is carried away from the strawberries so it is not redeposited on the fruit as it exits the tank. This top layer of debris flows to a removal trough where it is deposited onto a cleaning screen and the water is recirculated.

After the wash tank and air bath, the strawberries then go onto a specially designed soft-brush washer where any heavy deposited dirt, leaves, or insects are lightly brushed off and then rinsed with a clean water spray.


The end result is a product that has been gently cleaned in a timed environment and ready for further processing.


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