Raspberry & Blackberry Packing Equipment

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Lakewood’s Raspberry and Blackberry packing lines are ideal for frozen raspberries and blackberries that will be separated from smaller pieces, or “crumbles”, as well as any loose debris, and will be either bagged or boxed at the end of the line.

Loose debris and chaff is removed at the infeed end of the line as the berries travel through Lakewood’s No-Drop Air Cleaner¬†where an air leg flows directly through the stainless steel mesh belt, removing debris while berries remain on the belt without adding a drop point, ensuring gentle handling of the fruit.

Raspberry Filler Icon 2Once through the Air Cleaner, berries travel over top of a Crumble Separating Shaker, available with a number of different sized removable grates, which separate the smallest berries and crumbles from the main flow of the line. Crumbles exit the line and are boxed separately.

After the initial separation of the main flow of berries from debris and smaller clumps and crumbles, the berries are manually inspected. All product pulled from the Inspection Conveyor and placed into the conveyor’s trash lanes is collected and boxed on a Stand-Alone Box Filling Scale.

Prior to reaching the last stage of the line, the berries are run through a second Crumble Separating Shaker, ensuring that product that reaches the boxing / bagging system are whole-berries. Again, crumbles and berries that drop through this shaker grate are collected and boxed on a separate Stand-Alone Box Filling Scale.

Raspberry FillerAfter berries are free of debris and small pieces are removed from the flow, the berries are filled into bags or boxes through Lakewood’s Raspberry / Blackberry Filling System. This filling system includes 2 stations where operators can either bag, or box the product to a specified weight. Operators use a foot-switch, which once each station’s weigh-hopper reaches it’s specified weight, will release the product into the bag or box below.

Bag sealers and box tapers (as seen in the video below) are also available upon request. If you have questions about our Raspberry & Blackberry Packing Line, please fee free to contact us at 1-800-366-6705 or email us at info@lakewoodpm.com


Add an RPC / Flat Dumper to the beginning of your raspberry line to streamline your dumping process

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