Easy-Flow No-Drop Air Cleaners

The Unmatched Quality of an Easy-Flow Air Cleaner with One Less Drop

Air Cleaner / Blower for debris removal

  • All stainless steel construction
  • Easy-to-access debris collection cage
  • Adjustable infeed height, independent from the main frame and exit end
  • Telescopic adjustable height legs
  • Recommended for fresh-pack fruit
Product is fed onto the incline conveyor either directly, or into the optional metering hopper. Product is conveyed through the air stream and onto the next piece of equipment in line, all on one stainless steel wire belt to ensure fewer drop points and gentle handling through the debris removal process. Small and lighter berries, leaves, and debris follow the air stream into the overhead cage where it is conveyed out to one side of the machine via two trash conveyors. The first conveyor carries out berries while the second conveyor carries out lighter sticks and leaves.

Air Cleaner / Blower for debris removalEasy-Flow No-Drop Air Cleaner Capacities
33″ Wide Model = Approximately 8,000 lbs per hour
42″ Wide Model = Approximately 12,000 lbs per hour

Easy-Flow No-Drop Air Cleaner Options
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