Belt Sizers

Accurately Sizer Berries Into Two Adjustable Size Categories

Adjustable Sizer for Blueberries and other small fruits

  • Adjustable gap between sizing bands ensures the highest level of accuracy
  • Small, compact design fits easily into existing lines
  • Hand adjustable gap size (no tools needed)
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Telescopic adjustable height legs

Lakewood’s Adjustable Belt Sizer combines compact size with a high standard of accuracy by sizing berries into two separate size divisions. The center stabilizing roller ensures the belts remain accurate throughout the lifetime of the machine.

As product flows over the belts, small berries drop through the belts and are conveyed away on the small berry conveyor (included with the purchase of the sizer). Large berries are conveyed over the end of the sizer and continue through your packing line. The gap size between belts is adjustable from 5/16″ up to 5/8″.

Capacity: Approximately 8,000 lbs per hour

Download the brochure here

Fixed Gap Belt Sizers are also available in the following fixed gap size options:

  • 3/8″ Fixed Gap
  • 1/2″ Fixed Gap
  • 9/16″ Fixed Gap



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