The Blueberry Destemmer is our original patented design with over 10 years in service and provides high-accuracy destemming for your processing line. We offer this industry standard machine in a variety of models with production speeds ranging from 5,000 pounds an hour to 12,000 lbs an hour.

Over the years, Lakewood has provided a number of growers and packers with unique stem and trash / debris removal solutions for different types of products (beyond blueberries) using the Rod Destemmer. If you have a unique request for trash or stem removal for your products, please feel free to contact us about your needs.

Our Rod Destemmers are ideal for berries being run through a process (or “wet”) line
Click here to see Lakewood’s Rod Destemmer Guide

Our Drum Destemmers are suggested for use with frozen berries
View our Drum Destemmer Brochure Here

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