Drop-Thru Box Fillers

Box FillersHigh-Speed Single & Multi-Head Fill-by-weight Bulk Box Fillers

  • Non-stop filling process
  • Washdown design allows for easy cleaning
  • High accuracy fill weight achieved by two-stage filling mechanism
  • Available in 1, 2, 3, and 4 head models

The multi-head box filler is a versatile component for your packing needs. It’s automated design ensures accurate fill-by-weight discharge. Available with 1 or more filling stations, it is designed to fit your daily volume and filling requirements.

Product is conveyed into a filling hopper where it is then discharged into the container. Empty containers are automatically fed into the filling station, allowing each station to operate independently. This also allows different products to be filled at each station simultaneously. 

4 head

Download brochure here to view each machine’s capacity (lbs per hour)

Single Head Drop-Thru 30lb Box Filler:

4-Head Drop-Thru 30lb Box Filler:

Full Box Transfer Conveyors

Lakewood’s Full Box Transfer / Take-Away Conveyor not only keeps large berry boxes and small berry boxes separated when using a Lakewood Multi-Head Filler, but allows you to stream back down to a single line, keeping you from having to use two tape machines, two metal detectors, etc.

When boxes reach the set weight on a Lakewood Box Filler, they are automatically pushed from the weigh platform onto the Full Box Transfer Conveyor. The guides on the conveyor ensure that boxes remain separated after they have been filled so boxes with large berries do not get mixed in with boxes small berry boxes or visa versa. The conveyor also allows you to mount ink coders (sold separately) at the exit end to code / mark boxes as large or small berry boxes with different colored ink, simplifying the process of keeping boxes separated after they leave the transfer conveyor and continue on through metal detection and palletizing.

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Full Box Transfer

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