Easy-Flow Drop Thru Air Cleaner

Lakewood’s Best Selling Air Cleaner – Ideal for Machine Harvested Fruit

Air Cleaner Blower for debris removal

  • All stainless steel construction
  • Easy-to-access debris collection cage
  • Adjustable infeed height, independent from main frame and exit end
  • Telescopic adjustable height legs
  • Suitable for hand picked fruit, and recommended for machine harvested fruit.

Product is fed onto the incline conveyor either directly or into the optional metering hopper.  Product is conveyed up and discharged off of the upper end, falling gently over the air stream and onto the secondary (outfeed) conveyor to continue down your grading line. Lighter berries, leaves, and debris follow the air stream into the overhead cage where they are conveyed out to one side of the machine (trash can be discharged to either the RH or LH side of the machine).

Air Cleaner Blower for debris removalEasy-Flow Drop Thru Air Cleaner Capacities
33″ Wide Model = Approximately 8,000 lbs per hour
42″ Wide Model = Approximately 12,000 lbs per hour

Easy-Flow Drop Thru Air Cleaner Options
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Easy-Flow Drop Thru Running Machine Harvested Fruit


Easy-Flow Drop Thru Running Hand-Picked Fruit


Easy-Flow Drop Thru in a Lakewood Blueberry Processing Line (fed by a Lakewood Stick Eliminator)

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