Expanding Roll Sizers

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Lakewood’s Expanding Roll Sizer is one of the most versatile sizers available. Not only is it capable of sizing many different kinds of fruits and vegetables (including cucumbers, carrots, peppers, potatoes, onions, squash, pickles, etc.), it is also capable of sizing into as many as ten different size categories simultaneously, with the added benefit of being able to adjust each one of those sizes on-the-fly (without even stopping your line) with a tool-free hand adjustable crank.

How our Expanding Roll Sizer works: EXR Icon

Product is conveyed onto the EXR Sizer bed. The unique rotation of the rollers singulates the product for accurate sizing. As product moves down the sizer bed, the distance between the rollers expands, allowing product to fall through to the exit conveyors. The sized product can then be conveyed either to the right or left hand side of the machine to the next processing station in your packing line.

EXR Icon 2Features:

Sizing adjustments are made independent of one another, allowing you to change the size of your product on each exit conveyor without affecting the sizes on adjacent conveyors.

Sizing adjustments are made by the simple turn of a crank – this can be done during operation or while the machine is stopped.

Size gaps range from 1/4″ and up

Available Options:

Lakewood’s EXR Sizer allows anywhere from 3 to 10 exit conveyors, designed to accommodate the number of size categories desired for your product or to fit your product flow requirements.

Scalloped Rollers available to encourage certain fruits or vegetables to rotate on the sizer bed

The height of the machine is adjustable to fit your packing line’s specifications.

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