Fluidized Air Bed Dryer

The Most Effective Method for Gentle Moisture RemovalĀ Air Bed Icon 1

  • Easy-to-clean, all stainless steel design
  • 2 powerful 3HP fans for thorough drying
  • Open-grid plastic Intralox belting
  • Variable speed controls included for both the conveyor and drying fans

Product is fed onto the top of the conveyor belt. As product feeds onto, and covers the top of the conveyor, a cushioned air bed is created between the product and the conveyor belt from the two 3HP fans beneath the belt. As the air bed carries the product along the top of the belt, the product is encourage to rotate, allowing the stream of air below to cover all sides of the product. Once product leaves the Fluidized Air Bed Dryer, it can continue through the packing line free of moisture.

Options available for our Fluidized Air Bed Dryer include a metering hopper mounted to the infeed end for drying product at the beginning of your packing line, as well as casters, which allow you to quickly roll the machine into, and out of place.

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