Scissors Denesters

An extremely fast and accurate way to separate clamshell containers, preparing them for the filling process


  • Easily adapts to most clamshell sizes
  • Extremely high level of accuracy with minimal doubles
  • Feeds clamshells onto nearly any filling machine
  • Accepts all clamshell sizes from 4.4oz to 2.75lb


A stack of clamshells is removed from the manufacturers box and placed onto the staging are of the scissors denester. As the hopper eye (included with purchase) mounted onto your filler’s hopper recognizes berries and a need for containers below, the denester’s scissors feature plunges between clamshells, opens, separating the clamshells from one another, and ‘kicks’ the loosened clamshell away from the stack, allowing it to fall into the guide rails and onto your filler’s infeed belt for the filling process. 


(Download a brochure here)

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