Dual Level Packing Conveyor

Fast and Efficient Clamshell Case Packing Made Easy Packoff Icon 2

  • Stainless steel easy-to-clean design
  • Multiple length options to suit your specific operation
  • Full case collection conveyor included
  • Lowest profile top conveyor deck in industry = less drop height from conveyor to case

Full clamshells are conveyed onto the packing conveyor while empty cases are stored above. Packers pull an empty case from above and fill it with clamshells. When full, the case is slid underneath the clamshell conveyor onto a case conveyor, which discharges it off the end onto a roller track conveyor (shown at bottom right) where cases are staged prior to palletizing

This is most efficient method to case pack clamshell containers. Time is not wasted carrying away full cases, or retrieving empty cases as they are within reach of every packer, therefore reducing the time and labor needed to fill cases.

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