Stand Alone Birdshot Metal Detector

A High Speed, Hassle Free, Stand Alone Metal Detection System stand along bird shot metal detector1

  • Pneumatic flip gate for no-hassle metal debris removal
  • Stainless steel easy-clean design
As product is conveyed through the stand-alone conveyor’s metal detection section, this powerful metal detector picks up the smallest metal scraps and sets off the trigger to activate a beacon light above the machine, and drop the pneumatic dump gate, which allows the contaminated fruit to be collected into a lug for further inspection to ensure that any berries that continue down your packing line are free of any metal debris


Stand Alone Metal Detector Capacities

33″ Wide Model = Approximately 8,000 lbs per hour /¬†42″ Wide Model = Approximately 12,000 lbs per hour

(Download a brochure here)

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