Water Stripper

A Simple & Economic Solution to Drying Water Stripper Icon

  • All stainless steel construction
  • 3 HP stainless steel motors
  • Height adjusts easily to adapt to the volume of fruit below dryer
  • Quickly mounts onto existing conveyors

As fruit passes beneath the Water Stripper, it is gently rolled and thoroughly stripped of water by the two air knives inside of each mounted dryer box. The Water Stripper comes equipped in all stainless steel construction, with a stainless steel 3 HP motor, and built in height adjustments to match the amount of product you’re running at any point in time. This is an easy and efficient way to get your fruit dry without taking up more space in your line or purchasing a larger, more expensive drying system. 

Lakewood’s Water Strippers can be mounted onto a number of different style conveyors – click on the link to the brochure below to see our Water Stripper size options.

Download a brochure here

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