Fresh Berry Destemmers

Gently & Effectively Remove Stems From Fresh Berries

Blueberry Stem Removal

  • Stem collection pan keeps stems off the floor
  • Adjustable height on overhead rubber fingers
  • All stainless steel construction
  • Easy-to-clean design
  • Telescopic adjustable height legs

Berries are fed onto the conveyor belt. As they land on the stainless steel open mesh belt, stems protrude through the wire mesh. The stems that extend below the bottom of the mesh will be pulled off the berries as the conveyor travels forward across the shear bars mounted under the bed. The overhead rubber fingers will re-orient the berries, exposing more stems to the shear points as the berries travel forward on the conveyor.

Blueberry Stem RemovalFresh Berry Destemmer Capactities
Approximately 8,000 lbs per hour

Fresh Berry Destemmer Dimensions
Conveyor Width: 33″
Conveyor Length: 60″

Fresh Berry Destemmer Options
1) Standard Wire Mesh Conveyor (5mm gap between 1.5mm dia wire)
2) Fine Wire Mesh Conveyor (3mm gap between 1.2mm dia wire)

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