Push Thru Volumetric Clamshell Filler

An Economic Option for the Smaller Grower / Packer

Affordable Clamshell Filling Machine

  • All stainless steel construction
  • Quick & easy container adjustments allow you to fill any size or style of clamshell
  • No tools needed when changing container sizes
  • Adjustable flow gate to ensure you get an even fill when container sizes change
Lakewood’s Push-Thru Volumetric Filler combines an unbeatable price with an effective and easy-to-use system for the smaller packing facility. Open clamshells are loaded on the infeed end and pushed along the stainless steel track. As clamshells are laid onto the track and pushed ahead, containers are volumetrically filled from the stainless steel hopper above. Once containers have passed through the filling section, they are manually removed from the filler and closed by hand. 


(Download a brochure here)


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