Fresh Pack Stick Eliminators

Easily Remove Sticks From Your Machine Harvested, Fresh-Pack Fruit

Stick Eliminator for Fresh Berry Packing Line

  • All stainless steel construction
  • Low profile z-style belt transfer for more gentle drops
  • Metering hopper included

Lakewood’s Fresh Pack Stick Eliminator reduces cleaning time and eliminates clogs and jams in your fresh packing line. The Stick Eliminator separates and removes sticks and large debris from product flow, so you can take product straight from the field to your fresh line.

Berries are conveyed over the end of the incline conveyor and onto another conveyor below, where sticks and product are introduced to the stick eliminating spools. These custom turned aluminum ‘scalping’ spools allow berries to gently drop to a conveyor below while sticks, clusters, and larger debris carry over the rollers into a lug.

The unique design of this machine allows for placement into almost any existing packing line.

Stick Eliminator for Fresh Berry Packing Line

Fresh Pack Stick Eliminator Capacities
Approximately 8,000 lbs per hour

Fresh Pack Stick Eliminator Options
Infeed Length: 6′ or 9′
Infeed Conveyor: Cleated Rubber Belt
Lower Conveyor: Open Grid Plastic Belt

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