Lug Dumpers

Eliminate Fluctuations in Product Volume & Remove the Need for Manually Dumping Lugs

Lug Dumper

  • All stainless steel construction
  • 3-lug holding capacity
  • 5 second cycle times / 12 dumps per minute

Remove the need for manually dumping product from lugs at the beginning of your line, eliminating fluctuations in product volume and greatly reducing strain on workers by only having to place lugs onto the lug dumper’s staging area without physically dumping them.

Lugs are manually removed from a pallet and placed onto the staging area of the lug dumper (up to 3 lugs can be staged on the dumper at a time). A sensor in the metering hopper on the following piece of equipment automatically tells the lug dumper when to cycle it’s next dump to ensure that there is a steady, non-fluctuating flow of product entering your line by keeping the metering hopper filled to a consistent level at all times. Once a lug has been emptied, it is automatically conveyed over to a lug washer, eliminating the extra handling of the empty lug.

Lug DumperLug Dumper Capacities

20lb Lugs rated at approximately 14,000 lbs per hour
25lb Lugs rated at approximately 18,000 lbs per hour

Lug Dumper Specifications

Fixed Lug Load Height: 31″
Lug Discharge Height: Adjustable from 36.75″ to 55.75″
Fruit Discharge Height: Adjustable from 37.75″ to 46.75″
Accommodates lugs with the following dimensions: 20″ to 24″ long and up to 16″ wide from 5.25″ to 7″ tall

Download lakewood’s lug dumper brochure¬†here


NEW! Rotary Lug Dumper (Call for details 1-800-366-6705)

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