Spool Sizers

Lakewood’s Spool Sizer Offers High-Volume Sizing to a Precise Diameter Spool Sizer Icon

  • Compact design
  • Wash-down duty frame and drive components
  • Precision machined spools create the round hole passage for small product to drop through

The Spool Sizer is an ideal solution for sizing small berries to a specifically desired diameter. This is a fast, effective, and accurate method, ensuring maximum product flow. Lakewood’s Spool Sizer is the suggested machine for sizing blueberries (or similarly shaped berries) in a process, or “wet” line

(for information on fresh pack berry sizers, click here)

Product flows over the spool sizer, which singulates the product. Small-sized product falls through the spools and is conveyed away by the take-away conveyor (standard length take-away conveyor included). Over-sized product flows over the end of the sizer. Exact diameter sizing is guaranteed.

Spool Sizer Options:

Elevating Discharge Conveyor / Variable Speed Controls / Aluminum Spools / Stainless Steel Spools

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